SAT Kerntechnik joins ROBUR: Further reinforcement for ROBUR ENERGY in the decommissioning of nuclear power plants and facilities in the interests of a successful energy transition.

SAT Kerntechnik of Worms will become part of ROBUR, taking effect retroactively to 1 January 2018. Since its inception in 2002, SAT Kerntechnik has emerged as a highly efficient and reliable partner for the decommissioning of nuclear facilities in Germany and Europe.

Numbering almost 100, our colleagues at SAT Kerntechnik operate as engineering and dismantling partners offering extensive services in the areas of engineering/consulting, radiation protection, decommissioning/dismantling, decontamination and conditioning as one-stop solutions on behalf of many high-level clients.

“With 15 years of experience in the planning, implementation and documentation of decommissioning and disposal projects for nuclear facilities, we offer our clients quality, safety, efficiency and punctuality. This applies to commercial and research reactors, as well as to medical and other nuclear facilities. This experience is our motivation to keep growing in the interests of our clients and together with our colleagues. We are therefore delighted to have found a strategic partner in ROBUR. Collaborating with the companies within ROBUR will allow us to contribute to a successful energy transition”, says Frank Ambos, Managing Director at SAT Kerntechnik.

“We are very pleased to welcome SAT Kerntechnik into our Group as a recognised specialist for the decommissioning/dismantling of nuclear facilities. The decades of management experience, as well as the skilled team of engineers, nuclear scientists, technicians and business management specialists, will enhance our services portfolio and make ROBUR one of the leading providers for the dismantling of nuclear facilities in Germany”, says Andreas Haars, Head of the Business Unit Energy and Managing Director at ROBUR ENERGY.

Over the last three years, ROBUR’s active culture of entrepreneurship and partnership has driven the organisation’s growth to around €150 million in annual turnover and almost 2,000 colleagues worldwide, laying the foundation for the Group’s continued expansion in future. “New companies quickly notice how they can benefit from the Group, feel appreciated as partners and understood in their business strategies. It is therefore self-evident that Operative Management at SAT Kerntechnik will continue to run the business with Mr Frank Ambos as Managing Director and that its expertise will be of a great benefit to ROBUR and ROBUR ENERGY”, adds Daniel Beringer, Managing Partner at ROBUR.

“SAT Kerntechnik’s national and international services portfolio is the ideal addition to the dismantling solutions already offered by ROBUR. Besides sales, utilisation and management synergies within the organisation, clients of SAT Kerntechnik will benefit from the comprehensive services and size that are brought to the table by ROBUR. At the same time, ROBUR clients will have access to the expertise and qualified colleagues at SAT Kerntechnik and will receive additional solutions and services”, says Jan-Jörg Müller-Seiler, Managing Partner at ROBUR.

About SAT Kerntechnik:

SAT Kerntechnik is a group of companies with over a decade of experience in the decommissioning/dismantling of nuclear facilities. Led by SAT Kerntechnik GmbH, which was established in 2002, the group has become a recognised and reliable partner to the European Union and European energy supply companies, as well as to other high-level operators of nuclear facilities.

SAT Kerntechnik offers end-to-end services for the decommissioning and disposal of nuclear facilities, including engineering/consulting, radiation protection, decommissioning/ dismantling, decontamination and conditioning.

About ROBUR Industry Service Group GmbH (ROBUR):

Founded in 2015 as a response to the changing challenges of high-quality industrial services, ROBUR is now one of the top 10 industrial service providers in Germany, with 15 partner companies and a turnover of approx. EUR 150 million in 2018. Both the financing and the leadership of the group are characterised by partnership and entrepreneurialism. Our member companies benefit from the size and internationality of the group and can leverage sales, capacity utilisation and management synergies.

Almost 2,000 employees work in the wind, water, energy, industrial and process industries. As expert partners for our customers, we create holistic solutions, from planning and implementation, to operation and maintenance, to the relocation and decommissioning.

For further information please contact:
Daniel Beringer, Managing Partner
Phone +49 89 54 84 39 70