We build
partnership environments

We want to offer entrepreneurs, their companies, their colleagues and their environment an alternative solution if they are on the lookout for a stable, long-term and cooperative environment for their company.

A solution that provides a foundation in increasingly competitive markets to further develop a company with like-minded people, while allowing each company to maintain its entrepreneurial roots, culture and values.

A solution that is fair economically and creates models for all those involved to continue to give their best and thus provides the foundation for long-term success and further growth.

We believe that we can offer you this alternative solution with the ROBUR Group: a partnership of entrepreneurs and companies that work together, benefit from a large corporate group and still remain flexible as medium-sized companies.

We create individual partnership environments for this, which take into account the special characteristics of the market, but are based on a fundamental philosophy and cooperation based on partnership. This is how we create growth, synergies and long-term success for all those involved.

The business philosophy of the ROBUR Group is made possible by the entrepreneurial partners of the Group.

Just like us, our partners are entrepreneurs.

Many lead or have led family businesses and are very familiar with the challenges of entrepreneurship from their own experiences. They share the values of the management, which in turn leads to long-term success. Therefore, our partners regard their contribution to the ROBUR Group as a lasting commitment and are pleased to build up a growing, modern and future-oriented group of companies together with the managing directors.