Safeguarding and increasing
the international competitiveness of the automotive industry, FMCG, etc.

Service for the most important industries in North and South America

Our range of services in the industrial sector:

Engineering & project management

  • Prototypes & mock-ups
  • Test equipment & test stands
  • Process, procedural and system safety studies incl. CE certification
  • Concept and feasibility studies incl. pipeline and installation planning
  • Process engineering solutions
  • Reverse engineering incl. 3D laser scanning, 360° videos, drones and camera robots
  • Integrated engineering and project management services for industrial relocations


  • Model & mould construction, e.g. ergonomics and design models
  • Prototypes & mock-ups
  • Test equipment & test stands
  • Individual/small series production

Installation & commissioning

  • Installation of machines & systems
  • Integration of subsystems and utilities


  • Servicing
  • Inspection incl. UVV tests


  • Worldwide relocation of individual machines up to production lines


  • Disassembly of machines

Additional data is available from:


Specialist for the development and manufacture of prototypes

  • Engineering & project management
  • Production
Logo TEC

Specialist in industrial relocations, installations and engineering service

  • Engineering & project management
  • Installation & commissioning
  • Relocation
Logo WIR

Specialist in maintenance, industrial installation, cleaning, renovation and warehousing

  • Installation & commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Relocation
  • Dismantling / disassembly