Responsibility means

In 2015, ROBUR set out to redefine industrial services in a constantly changing market environment. One element in this process has always been that we establish and actively live a partnership-based management of the Group. This is why we, all ROBUR partners, carry the same and shared responsibility for creating a safe, future-oriented and conscientious working environment for the good of our colleagues, the environment, our customers and business partners.

Corporate policy of
ROBUR Industry Service Group

We are able to maintain flexibility and entrepreneurial agility as a community of independent partner companies with shared values, leadership principles and service guidelines. We are committed to ensuring that customers, colleagues, entrepreneurs and shareholders benefit from the Group’s services, synergies and the continuous investment in technological progress.

We ensure that deadlines are met, that our colleagues are safe and healthy, that the environment is protected and that the quality of our work for our customers remains high. The resulting obligations are defined in the document “HSEQ Guiding Principles” and in our ROBUR Compliance Policy.

HSEQ commitment of ROBUR partner

The services provided by ROBUR for our customers are multifaceted – and the associated risks to the health of our colleagues are many and varied. In light of this challenge, we are working as a group to identify, analyze and control the many and varied risks on an ongoing basis through a continuous improvement process – because we have defined the safety of our colleagues, of the environment and of our customers and partners as the fundamental basis of our corporate culture. It is therefore a duty that each of our colleagues sees as part of their responsibilities, and we jointly monitor compliance with it and promote its further development as a community. This is how we create a comprehensive safety culture and safeguard the environment of our planet for future generations to come.

HSEQ Guiding principles

The guiding principles for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) are based on our corporate policy and are mandatory for all ROBUR colleagues.

HSEQ vision

Here at ROBUR we maintain and promote a safety culture that is supported by the management in all our global activities. This pursuit rests on the uncompromising conviction that all work-related injuries, health hazards and environmental impacts are preventable. It is by striving to achieve this vision that we set industry leading health, safety and environmental standards.

We also endeavor to carry out all our business activities in a socially responsible manner, to keep the associated risk impact to an absolute minimum and to continually improve the services of ROBUR.

HSEQ commitment

ROBUR is committed to providing a safe working environment for all colleagues and other individuals who are affected by our activities. This social and environmentally friendly philosophy respects the laws and human rights that benefit all of the communities within which we operate.

Each of our partner companies pledges to work towards the highest level of HSEQ performance in line with the fundamental values of the Group, the Compliance Policy and the HSEQ guiding principles.

HSEQ basic regulations

The following basic HSEQ regulations have been established as a minimum standard to successfully realize our vision and fulfil our obligations:

  • Promotion of a positive HSEQ culture through transparent management at all levels
  • Development of a high level of awareness and knowledge of the relevant HSEQ risks and opportunities
  • Structuring of all processes in consideration of the relevant HSEQ aspects, minimization of social and environmental impacts of the business segments
  • Active intervention in uncertain situations/conditions and quality deviations
  • Optimization of working conditions and measures to safeguard and improve the health of colleagues
  • Integration of colleagues into the procedures and processes, the structuring thereof and the expansion of knowledge and skills through training
  • Regular monitoring and assessment of our HSEQ performance through management reviews, internal and external audits, safety inspections and safety committees
  • Compliance with applicable national and international laws and regulations
  • Setting of realistic targets incl. the definition of relevant framework conditions
  • Identifying and allocating the necessary resources
  • Communication with internal and external stakeholders regarding HSEQ performance
  • Setting up, maintenance and further development of a uniform management system
  • Sharing experiences with stakeholders through lessons learned, best practices, improvement suggestions, etc.
  • Taking into account the life cycle of products and services, from development through to disposal
  • Compliance with customer and ROBUR internal specifications

Compliance at ROBUR

As a partner of ROBUR, compliance, that is the general adherence to all legal obligations, regulations and guidelines relevant to the company, as well as internal rules and codes in all our worldwide business activities, is our top priority.

Impeccable ethical behavior constitutes a fundamental prerequisite for the creation and maintenance of a trusting and fair environment that benefits everyone.

We have laid down our guiding principles in the ROBUR Compliance Policy. We are pursuing two objectives with these principles of integrity:

  • Creation of a joint concept of integrity for business dealings, which is upheld by all ROBUR companies and ROBUR colleagues
  • Prevention of integrity violations in business transactions by defining unacceptable behavior in the business world for all ROBUR companies and ROBUR colleagues.

We ensure compliance with these principles through regular training courses to create a common understanding of the respectively applicable rules and consistently monitor this in the respective partner companies.

Our compliance management system encompasses all the relevant measures, structures and processes in the partner companies and is aimed at ensuring compliance with the regulations, both legally as well as ethically, while simultaneously helping to avoid infringements of obligations, damage and liability cases by means of prevention. Furthermore, any infringements of obligations that have occurred are to be identified and assessed at an early stage so that we can take appropriate action. Infringements may be reported via the internal systems and chains, as well as by email and also anonymously. An alert-system has been established for this purpose, so that it is possible to intervene in case of suspicion and which can also be accessed by external parties at any time.

Together with all ROBUR colleagues, we embrace these principles and expect the same from our suppliers, customers and partners. This reinforces mutual trust.

Environmental Policy

Environmental and sustainability guidelines of the ROBUR Industry Service Group

ROBUR is aware of and is committed to minimizing the impact that its business operations have on the environment.

ROBUR’s Environmental Commitments:

  • ROBUR will aim to avoid harm to the environment where impacted by its business, related activities and services.
  • ROBUR will ensure that all its entities operate in accordance with local environmental laws, regulations and standards.
  • ROBUR will work to reduce harmful emissions and minimize environmental pollution.

In order to meet these commitments, ROBUR will, as far as it is reasonably practicable to do so, act as follows:

  • Provide the necessary information, guidance and resources to ensure that our colleagues understand their personal responsibility to act in an environmentally conscious manner,
  • Seek to reduce waste, carbon production and the use of resources (energy, water, paper) through effective waste management and recycling systems,
  • Provide skilled personnel that is sufficiently qualified and consider customer requirements when employing sub-contractors to ensure that they meet the specified criteria,
  • Develop a high level of environmental awareness amongst colleagues and ensure that environmental friendly practices are implemented at all sites,
  • Ensure that environmental incidents are recorded, reported, and investigated and that where necessary, preventative measures are taken,
  • Effectively communicate this policy to all employees and ensure that it is referenced to, within induction and training processes,
  • Effectively communicate this policy to all employees and ensure that it is referenced to, within induction and training processes.

It is expected that where a local environmental policy already exists, it should be reviewed to ensure its contents are on accordance with this group policy and in compliance with local environmental laws, regulations, and standards.

Where there is no local policy in place, this group policy is to be adopted and published in the local language, where necessary.


Every ROBUR colleague the group is responsible for the environmental activities of their companies and partners. All incidents will be recorded and reported to the local Country Management who will report through to ROBUR Group.